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Everything begins with YOU.


Look Within yourself

My purpose is to help you understand your personality through an analysis of your natal chart. I put the pieces of your astrological puzzle together to help you see yourself through the favorable and challenging aspects of your personality.



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Why Astrology?

An astrology reading is an analysis of your natal chart, which is a picture of the planets in the sky at the time and place you were born. Just as the Moon affects the oceans and tides, the Moon and planets also have an effect on you as humans are 70% water.

Your natal chart shows your behavior, your higher self, the way you feel, what you're attracted to, your LIFE LESSON, your LIFE PURPOSE and much more. 

If you are asking why is this happening to me? why is this happening this way? Understanding that we are unique, your astrological chart has an answer. An astrology reading helps you see the big picture of the favorable and challenging aspects of yourself. It’s not always pretty but it’s necessary. It’s okay to take a deep dive into the parts of yourself that you aren’t proud of and knowing you have a CHOICE to turn it around it’s your superpower. 

Look forward to being of service to you

"I gained a lot of understanding about myself. I now know my direction in life."

- Caroline