Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a natal chart?
A natal chart is a depiction of the planets at the time and place of your

birth. The position of the planets and how they relate to one another at that specific moment in time affects your personality.

2. Is an astrology reading and a natal chart reading the same?

Basically, yes. An astrology reading cannot be done without looking at your

natal chart.

3. Will I be able to understand the reading if I don’t speak astrology lingo?

Yes! I describe the chart in words that make it easy to understand it and

since the reading will be done live in a conversational format, you are free to ask questions as we go through it and to request clarification on


4. What is needed to do an astrology reading?

Your name, date/time of birth, and place of birth.

5. How important it is to have a correct time of birth?
It’s very important as this is what determines the Rising/Ascendant sign,

which changes every two hours. This sign determines the other side of your personality and who you are “rising” to become. There are also other important signatures in the chart that are determined by the time of birth.

6. Is it possible to do a reading if I don’t know my exact time of birth?

Yes, it is possible. I’ll do a general overview and explanation of your chart

that will also provide insightful information about your personality.

7. What is covered in an astrology reading?
I’ll go over the positions and the general characteristics of your

personality, the aspects of the planets to one another, current transits, life lessons, life purpose and the lenses you use to see life.

8. Is an astrology reading going to explain my patterns and behaviors?

Yes, I'll look at the indication in your chart relating to the ways you

think, feel and behave and how and when that comes into effect.

9. What is an aspect?
An aspect is the indicator in your chart that tells us whether the relation

between two or more planets is favorable or challenging. For example, your chart may identify an opposition between two planets causing a discrepancy between the way you think and the way you feel. Oppositions can make it seem like you are being pulled in two different directions and it is important to identify these so you can open up an internal dialogue and learn to

compromise with yourself.